And it begins. The leaving taking before I set off on this new journey.

One of the harder elements of entering the convent is that I am not going to be able to drop by and see my friends and family whenever the whim takes me. I won’t be able to call them or drive over to see them. For a time, my only contact will be through letters sent to them and received from them (plus an occasional family visit day). So when I found out that I was accepted, I knew I had to spend some time with my family members to say goodbye.

That process began this week. I drove to see my mother’s family yesterday and am spending a few days with them. They don’t understand my decision but they have been trying. They have been asking lots of questions but I kind of like the questions – maybe they will hear something in my answer that will help them to grow in their faith. That is my prayer, anyway.

Soon, I will be saying goodbye to my Cleveland friends and family. That will be a hard one for me. These are the people I have been around for more then three years now – they are the ones who have helped me to grow closer to God and to finally open my heart to hear my vocation. God has offered me such a blessing with their presence and they will always be in my heart and in my prayers. I thank God for every moment I have had with them.

But it is hard to leave everyone. I just trust that God will care for them and that we are all on the journey that God has set out for us. I also trust that my prayers for them will be efficacious, helping all of us to grow closer to God.

And that gives me hope and strength. (God is so good!)



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