Oh, my gosh.

What. A. Week!!

A week ago, I was really starting to stress out, not knowing how it would be possible for me to enter.  I was on my way to visit my mother’s family and just really asked the Blessed Mother for her intercession – I needed to get that money together and I wasn’t sure how but I needed to find it so I could be a nun!!

Then Tuesday, visiting my aunt, I was able to get online, where I saw the first of the donations from so many generous people come in.  And now, with the donations I have received as of today and the things I have sold and everything…

I am done!  You all are amazing and generous and God is so good and I am just speechless!  With everything, I will be entering with no debt and I can’t even wrap my mind around it!

I am removing the PayPal button but I still encourage you to check out some of my future sister’s blogs as a couple of them still need your help!

Thanks again and may God bless all of you as abundantly as He has blessed me this past week!!



P.S. To my future sisters, see you in 15 days!


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